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What is a Solar Kit

A Solar Kit is a combination of a solar panel and a battery pack. Plug and play, you connect the battery pack via a cable to the output of the Solar Panel. With a solar kit, the battery and the solar panel are attuned to each other, so that the energy is generated quickly, and is optimally stored in the battery.

The use of a solar kit has a number of advantages with respect to a single solar panel or a Solar Charger:

  • A solar panel and a battery pack can be used together, but also separately.
  • The energy is used in the most efficient manner by storing it firstly in a battery pack.
  • A portable Solar Panel has a greater ability than the solar panel on a solar charger and can charge a battery pack (power bank / power pack) often just as fast or faster than via the outlet.
  • A loose battery pack often has a larger battery capacity than the battery in a Solar Charger.
  • A solar kit can be assembled completely to your liking. Like this, the kit complies guaranteed precisely to your expectations.
  • Solar Kits are available in all shapes and sizes and charge almost all devices available.

In our range we have Solar Panels Power Bank Combo's and Solar Panels Power Stations Combo's.

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