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What is a Solar Charger

A Solar Charger is a combination of a solar panel and a battery pack in a single device. The size of a solar charger is held compact usually, therefore a Solar Charger is easy to carry and take with you.

The internal battery of Solar Charger can be charged via the integrated solar panel. Please note that the ability of the solar panel and the battery capacity ratio is less than e.g. in a Solar Set. On average, a smartphone can be charged one to three times with a Solar Charger.

For an even faster charging time, you can also charge the Solar Charger via the power outlet, car cigarette lighter or a stronger external solar panel.

Solar Chargers have one or more USB outputs standard. This makes them suitable for charging USB devices such as smartphones, action cameras, MP3 players, e-Readers and in some cases also tablets.

Solar Chargers can be used in almost all situations. Also waterproof Solar Chargers are available that can be charged in less favorable weather conditions. In addition, some Solar Chargers are equipped with an integrated LED light, allowing them to be used as a reading lamp or pocket light.

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