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You can easily generate your own energy with solar panels from our range. With the stored energy, it is possible to supply different devices of energy. The best way to generate energy is in the direct sunlight outside. A solar panel requires UV radiation to generate energy. It is important to focus the solar panel as much as possible perpendicular to the sun. At midday, the sun is at its highest point. In these hours from 11 to 15 o'clock, the conditions are often best.  The period before and after are less optimal. This also depends on the season. The amount of energy that can be generated is, in addition to the aforementioned characteristics, also dependent on the power (watts) of the panel and the efficiency of the solar cells.

How do you determine the best solution

In order to be able to determine the best solution, a number of factors are of importance:

What devices do you want with supply of energy and how much energy is consumed?

Devices have different connectors such as USB (i.a. smartphone, tablet), DC (i.a. laptop, camera chargers) or AC (i.a. cooler, adapters, TV). To figure out what a device consumes of energy, you can determine how much energy on avarage should be generated daily via a solar panel. See infographic on the right side of the page for various examples.

How much energy should be generated and how much power do I need?

A solar panel has a certain power that is given in watts. During normal sunny conditions on average 70% of the maximum power will be generated. For example: A 20 W Goal Zero solar panel will generate about 14 W of energy (70% of 20 watts) per hour. Because of the diffirent circumstances over the entire day the energy will fluctuate. On a normal lightly cloudy day in summer, you can assume that energy can be generated over the entire day between 8:00 till 19 o'clock. An average of 7 out of 11 hours, the energy can be generated in an efficient way. It is then possible to generate about 98 Wh of energy (7 x 14 Wh). On this basis, one could determine whether or not this is sufficient to cover the consumption of your equipment or that more or less power is required.

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Where are you going to generate energy, and are there factors that affect the amount of energy that can be generated?

To adapt the panel as good as possible to your needs, the situation in which energy is generated is also important. Are you camping or do you plan to go hiking / backpacking. In these situations, the activity will also have an impact on the amount of energy that can be generated. Once it is clear what devices you would like to provide of energy and in what situation, it can be determined which panel fits best.

How can I best use the energy?

The energy you generate via a solar panel, can be stored in a power bank or generator. This way, you can provide your phone, tablet and other devices with energy in any desired location.

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